INDONESIA – BTB Biogas Plant (Nagata):

The construction of this BIOTEC 2,4 MW POME biogas plant in South Kalimantan, equipped with CAT biogas engines installed by Trackindo, culminated in 2020 during the Pandemic, including the 11 km of cable reaching the nearby town.
At Dec 31, 2020, KPI were:
-COD removal: 95% vs. objective > 85%
-H2S: 39 ppm vs. objective < 200 ppm
-Gas moisture: 40% vs. objective < 60%
-CH4 generation: 19 m3/T FFB (= 35 m3 CH4/m3 POME) vs. objective > 15 m3 CH4/T
-Electricity generation: 4 kWh/m3 CH4
-99% of the gas consumed by the gas engines à less than 1% to the flare
These results (KPI) have been confirmed in January and February 2021. They are higher than usual performance indicators, partly due to a low FFB milling, and consequently a low organic load.

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