Driving mills to pertinent and sustainable solutions for POME and EFB valorization, achieving progressively ZERO DISCHARGE MILLING (ZDM).

►Diagnostic of the problems and necessities.
►Presentation of options with their advantages, disadvantages and approximate costs.
►Selection, together with the client, of the best option for his specific case and elaboration of a “Master Plan” to accomplish in five to ten years.
►For the selected solution: Sizing, Flow scheme, Mass balance, Lay-out, Hydraulic profile, Use of all by-products (gas, sludge, treated effluents/waste, compost, animal feed,  odors,…), breakdown of the components, approximate budget, presentation of contractual options for design, implementation and operation and presentation of specialized TPs on the market.

  • On-line consultancies with/without site visit.
  • Time required: 3 to 4 weeks/mill

Typical costs (free of travel expenses and retentions):

  • 1 mill: US$ 9.000
  • 2 mills: US$ 8.000/mill
  • 3 mills: US$ 7.000/mill
  • 4 mills: US$ 6.500/mill
  • 5 mills: US$ 6.000/mill

To receive the questionnaire on the mill and plantation duly filled, including a lay-out of the available land for infrastructure.


POME CONSULTANCY is a bedside advisor for all mills who want a third party to follow-up the implementation of a POME & EFB valorization project, looing for ZDM. It could be:

  • Implementation supervision.
  • Commissioning supervision (electro-mechanical as well biological).
  • Operation supervision.

Prices are defined per month of supervision (partly remote, partly on-site) or per project. They are function of the location, size and intensity of the local presence. They are comprised between 2.000 and 10.000 US$/month (free of charge).


For ETPs, biogas plants, composting plants, evaporation and drying units, organic fertilization:

• Plants already built (design + construction)
• Operation and maintenance

DURATION: 3 to 8 weeks
COSTS PER AUDIT: between 7.000 and 20.000 US$ in function of the location and terms of references.


After the audit of the operation, POME CONSULTANCY can assume the technical direction of the operation and commit to the achievement of KPI.
DURATION: minimum two years.
COST: divided in two parts:

  • A small monthly fee function of the location of the plant and the number of persons POME-C has to place on-site.
  • A success-fee value in function of the commitment of KPI (results improvement).
NOTE: All costs are expressed free of retentions and of charges.