Effluents and waste valorization is the only long-term sustainable way for both industries and environment, what means for the Humanity. No way to escape. Better to “catch the bull by the horns” instead of delaying solutions.

After decades of practical experience, from engineering to operation, POME CONSULTANCY helps now the agro-industrial sector developing the disruptive concept of ZDM (Zero Discharge Milling): all waste and effluents are transformed into biofertilizers or animal feed, with/without energy generation.

  • Deep and proven expertise in successful projects (from design to long-term operation).
  • References in the palm oil sector on three continents (Asia, Latin America and Africa).
  • Long-term collaborators on the 3 continents.
  • Market knowledge for suppliers, contractors, investors and bankers.
  • Transparent and honest professional career for nearly four decades already.