Fertigation (ferti-irrigation) – The FORLIM system

All agro-industrial effluents have a fertilizer value.
The “capture” of this fertilizer value is part of the DNA of BIOTEC since its birth in 1984, to improve soils, increase yields, save chemicals and reduce GHG.
The biodigestion process presents the advantage of concentrating the nutrients vs. the dry matter.
The three basic technologies that BIOTEC developed are:
Fertigation (ferti-irrigation) = (SCADA) Monitored dosed application of the treated effluent on crops
Co-composting with some dry residue (combined or not with thermal evaporation), to transform a liquid fertilizer into a solid one.
Bio-evapo-drying to generate a marketable powdered biofertilizer, rich in macronutrients (around 30%) and in humic (fulvic) acids
We attach a leaflet on BIOTEC’s “FORLIM” system for dosed and monitored liquid fertilization on palm oil plantations, one of the most profitable way to manage POME and to reach the objective of “zero discharge” to the environment.

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